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Constipation, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart and many other diseases, including some by birth defects, are actually avoidable by just using our will-power and having a persistent desire to build up strong health and to live a healthy life style.

However our will-power alone is often not enough, which is why we should pursue for *Buddhi to enable a greater understanding of what is correct information on health, nutrition and other factors which affect our health and well-being.

Although random DNA copying errors will still cause diseases such as Cancer, a healthy lifestyle and Buddhi are integral to our good health and well-being.


Cancer and the unavoidable R factor (sciencemag.org)

According to a study in the May 2016 issue of JAMA Oncology:

"While diet and weight loss are central for cancer prevention, combining a good diet with other healthy habits can further lower your risk"

JAMA Oncology, 2016


Food Habits, Lifestyle Factors, and Risk of Prostate Cancer in Central Argentina: A Case Control Study Involving Self-Motivated Health Behavior Modifications after Diagnosis

United Global Human, aims and objectives

United Global Human, pursuant to its Aims & Objective through this website, EduKational Restaurant website, and by holding seminars and Health Courses, aims to encourage people to become their own health Guru to take self-care of their health.

During seminars and health courses we learn to get, then and there, immediate and long term health benefits (like Detox, Weight Loss, control of Diabetes Type-2, Head ache and other pain management), by using the science evidence based correct knowledge.

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* Buddhi is a word of the Indian ancient Pali language which is herein defined as the constant pursuit for raising knowledge, alertness, skeptical thinking, increasing analytical power to explore, improve further and control the cognitive ability of mind, to avoid preconceived ideas and to perceive things as they are, to gain wisdom for understanding correctly and making wise decisions and taking timely action.

The purpose of information provided through this website is to encourage people to pursue Buddhi, to remain updated and informed on health and nutrition for becoming a buddhiman . . a wise person who understands what to believe or what not to believe; to avoid believing in hearsay and myth; to avoid health fraud scams; to understand medical advice and, finally, for correctly taking self control of health by choosing only wise decisions on the matters affecting our health.

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