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Intelligent Eating:

Exploring and adding some specific natural edible herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and other mostly plant based mixed colorful 100% whole, skin intact food, that contains nutrition, and a plethora of highly therapeutic (disease curing) and prophylactic disease preventing agents, known as phytochemicals (not in capsule or bottled or powdered or other processed form) in our own individually suitable 'Balanced Diet' as ' Herbs and Medicine".


"Eating the right foods and spices - and avoiding the wrong ones - could go a long way toward staving off everything from gut ailments to cancer" say Johns Hopkins experts.

The Johns Hopkins University

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The purpose of information provided through this website is to encourage people to pursue Buddhi, to remain updated and informed on health and nutrition for becoming a buddhiman . . a wise person who understands what to believe or what not to believe; to avoid believing in hearsay and myth; to avoid health fraud scams; to understand medical advice and, finally, for correctly taking self control of health by choosing only wise decisions on the matters affecting our health.

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