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Overall health (Even when under medical treatment)

The importance of overall good health cannot be overstated; to achieve this we must combine Intelligent Eating of a healthy diet, together with a healthy lifestyle, and suitable appropriate exercise.

Diet And Lifestyle Critical To Recovery, says study

University of Manchester (2008, January 20).

Diet and lifestyle may play a much more significant role in a person's ability to respond favourably to certain drugs, including some cancer therapies, than previously understood, say scientists.

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The purpose of information provided through this website is to encourage people to pursue Buddhi, to remain updated and informed on health and nutrition for becoming a buddhiman . . a wise person who understands what to believe or what not to believe; to avoid believing in hearsay and myth; to avoid health fraud scams; to understand medical advice and, finally, for correctly taking self control of health by choosing only wise decisions on the matters affecting our health.

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