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Understanding Health Fraud Scams:

It is easy to fool a person but it is very difficult to make him or her understand that he or she has been fooled.

Researchers, persons, and organization involved in making deliberate fake studies (Curious may see more here RetractionWatch.com) and spreading fake information, and sometimes even using scientific information on health and nutrition for the purpose of selling diseases and then selling cures to the public, are health fraud scammers.

Health fraud scams must be globally recognised and declared as a serious crime. The rate of death, pain, suffering, medical disasters and morbidity caused by health fraud scams will always be higher than that of those caused by Wars and terrorism.

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Avoiding hearsay and myth will have a far reaching impact on transforming our own behaviors (especially our natural trait of believing in hearsay and myth and looking for shortcuts and 'magical' cures instead of understanding and practicing Herbs Meditation).

Understanding what is hearsay, myth and misinformation will enable us to turn the present social health care system, irresponsible media, clinicians, doctors, non-medical doctors and the food industry, who are presently health hostile foes, into health friendly allies.

Any information and activity intended to misguide and entice people to become more and more unnecessarily dependent on, or become addicted to unnecessary and excess use of curing facilities, curing methods, health products, plans and devices, be it proven or unproven, is tantamount to a health fraud scams.

Beware of 'health scammers'

Health scammers use pseudo science, and often genuine science evidence too, cleverly presented, to sell their products, ideas and plans, especially for 'fad' procedures such as Chelation (a medical process for removing toxic metals like lead from the body), detox and weight loss, by promising us a short cut, a 'magical relief' from a host of other ailments such as from cancer, and entirely normal bodily processes such as ageing.

We get trapped into their net and become addicts to unnecessary intervention that often makes the body lose abilities it has evolved to perform, like removal of waste, natural detoxing and protection from diseases. For example, eating fiber depleted refined, unhealthy, highly processed food will obstruct bowel movement and will cause chronic constipation.

Questionable, unapproved short-cut curative methods and unnecessary interventions in the body, especially those without medical supervision, can be injurious to health. Unnecessary interventions prevent our body in using its ability to perform its necessary functions, such as mental alertness and bodily elimination of waste, and impairs its ability to fight and deal with external and internal threats.

Regular unnecessary interference in natural physical and physiological tasks it has evolved for, causes our body to lose its ability to function normally, hence the proverb "Use it or lose it". For xample, one can keep running, jogging and walking throughout one's life, but those who do not, often because of excessive use of automobiles, escalators and lifts, will lose their ability, even in young age, to walk, run or jog even a few hundred yards.

Similarly, regularly eating fiber depleted, unnatural and highly processed junk food and juices will cause constipation or bowel irregularity besides those conditions collectively called 'Metabolic Syndrome'.

Regular taking of laxative pills, or enema like insertion of liquid coffee into bowel via rectum, or use of other unnatural methods to clean bowel, will thwart the body's natural function. Consequently, in due course of time, our body's natural working system of removal of wastages from the bowel will be weakened, caused to function improperly, or will become defunct.

Increased excess dependency on 'health products' and often dubious devices increases our vulnerability to diseases, which is one befitting paradigm in the corrupt global economy system of selling diseases

Wasting Billions Of Dollars On 'Quack' Health Food And Weight Loss Products which are risky for health. BMJ-British Medical Journal, (2008, December 1).


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The purpose of information provided through this website is to encourage people to pursue Buddhi, to remain updated and informed on health and nutrition for becoming a buddhiman . . a wise person who understands what to believe or what not to believe; to avoid believing in hearsay and myth; to avoid health fraud scams; to understand medical advice and, finally, for correctly taking self control of health by choosing only wise decisions on the matters affecting our health.

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