Facts on Herbs and supplements

Medical Science (Research studies) in search of cures of cancer and other diseases have finally begun to realize that natural foods in its natural forms are most powerful herbs and medicines which via promoting strong health ensures keeping the powerful, wonder disease fighting mechanism immune system of our body honed. This is so because human body system evolved to procure medicine and nutrition from eating natural food.

Natural plant based foods are actually very powerful herbs and medicines.

Patients and health care practitioners should focus on getting calcium from the diet, rather than supplements, October 17, 2013 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine,  

"Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Hippocrates … the father of Medicine

Growing bodies of evidence from the honest rigorous research studies carried out from the last century to date, are clearly suggesting to correct nutrition deficiency in populations by eating natural food as part of individually suitable a Balanced Diet.

Facts on Supplements:

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Concentrated forms of nutrition, phytochemicals, fibers and other substances, processed and made into capsule form, tablets, liquids or in other forms, and are sold as 'Dietary Supplements' may be used for curing, and at times may become essential - more specially when there is a medical condition or for the people who are at terminal stage. However following advice of a registered medical professional, and not the vested industries (TV ads, marketing, written adverts) who are more concerned with taking your money, seems to be prudent when taking dietary supplements.
Adding nutritional supplements into 'natural foods' to cure deficiencies of nutrition in the individual or in the population seems to be an ideal.

However, the long term use of Supplements gives no health benefit, on the contrary taking some supplements over long periods without proper medical supervision can be hazardous to health.

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Most of the research studies on supplements around the world are done on health and nutrition and may mostly be for the purpose of selling diseases and selling cures.
Therefore, if the findings of research studies are heavily advertised by marketing or promoted by media, or even when published in respected journals, should not be accepted as a criteria of the validity or correctness of the information, but our *Buddhi can be.

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Since Supplements are generally concentrated forms of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fibers and/or other substances, they can be the source of excess intake (above Tolerable upper intake levels) of the nutrients and can cause Kidney failure, liver damage, toxicity and other health complications.

Taking supplement is an intervention to body exactly as Medicine is. But supplements sold as food or dietary supplements - as opposed to medicines - do not need official approval. So dietary supplements do not have to go through all of the strict tests and quality assurance processes before they are sold in the market.
This means that it is not always possible to be sure that supplements have the same quality. For example, what is inside the bottle may not be exactly what it says on the label.

Public awareness can help government to bring supplements under regulation.

“People do not realize is that any medication - herbal or pharmaceutical - undergoes important chemical changes when processed by the liver. While the original product might not be considered harmful, the resulting by-products may be toxic to the liver. Or the interaction of one medication with other medications - or when combined with alcohol - may cause life-threatening complications for otherwise healthy people.”

Canadian liver Foundation.

Facts on Herbs

Herbs and medicinal plants

Herbs are plants or part of plants that, when ingested or used externally, can affect the physiological or and biological function of the human body. Every plant on the earth will contain some or other chemical, use of which can affect the body system. Even well studied Herbs/plants that are traditionally used for curing some or other diseases, will always have some side effects. There are no plant, herbs or modern medicines that are completely free of harmful effects.

Many present day medicines are derivatives of plant or herbs (Botanical) which are included into the evidence based scientific curing system ‘Medicine’ of most developed countries after sufficient rigorous clinical trials. For example Acetylsalicylic or 'aspirin' has its origin in the bark of the willow tree, and the antimalarial quinine in the bark of the Cinchona tree.

To avoid health fraud scams it is important to clearly understand that it is wrong to think that herbs are not chemical and they are natural so it is not harmful. The fact and science evidence is that everything in the space or on the earth, including air, water, soil, plants, animals and human is chemical based. So herbs, plants and medicines are also chemicals.

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Plants ranging from grass to tree, algae, fungi, or every chemical has properties to affect the body. The effect can be good or bad.

Therefore those plants which have been well studied, and side effects are thoroughly known, may be used in its natural form. Herbs are 'natural' when they are in their unprocessed forms. When the natural herbs are processed and prepared into capsules, tablets, liquid and other forms, they are no longer natural; their chemical properties will be changed and their efficacy will not be as similar to when they are in their natural form.

Therefore selling of processed herbs, nutrition supplements, or phytochemicals with a claim as 'natural' is misleading.

  1. For example:
    Tea, a very good herb containing phenol and other phytochemicals, specially known for catechin (epigallocatechin gallate) and caffeine. Tea freshly brewed with healthy methods will have higher amount of medicinal properties, that the body will be able to absorb more efficiently (bioavailability).


Whereas, besides the many health hazardous materials and chemicals in canned or bottled 'instant' tea, for example added sugars (just one bottle of most bottled commercially produced teas will contain around your daily recommended intake of sugar!), the amount of catechin and other beneficial phytonutrients are small to very small.

"Bottled tea beverages may contain fewer polyphenols than brewed tea." American Chemical Society August 22, 2010. And also see The 2007 report published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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