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What is A 24 hour Scientific Meditation?

Meditation is known to human since time immemorial and it is prevalent in almost all religions. However Religion is not the jurisdiction of meditation, although It can go well together.

Knowingly or unknowingly everyone does meditation. A scientific explanation of Meditation is 'communication between consciousness to the cells and genes of the body'.

Understanding, exploring, and practicing A 24 hour scientific meditation can help guide our thinking and desires, and can enable the body to cope with stress, to heal and protect itself from diseases, improve our day to day performance, making higher achievements in all spheres of activities of life to live in health, peace and happiness

To understand and practice A Scientific Meditation, we all will need to revive the memory of some cursory lessons of Biology and physiology which we all have learned during our schooling.

Besides the general knowledge about the human body, we will look into some latest evidence from research findings of some reliable research studies which together can help us take a practical grip on understanding and practicing Scientific Meditation.

Human reproductive cycle

  1. Human body is composed of billions and trillions of cells
  2. Human body begins from a single cell called zygote which forms in mother's womb when the sperm cell of the father fertilizes the the ovum (the egg cell) of the mother

This newly formed cell is the Zygote which will multiply further (a biological process known as mitosis or Cell division, differentiation) and will form into organs, muscles finally into a complete human body as a new individual with a unique body chemistry and appearance.

From zygote to a new born baby to adulthood till the person achieves sexual maturity, is the developmental period of human.

When the Body attains the sexual maturity, the aging, or in terms of biology, senescence begins.

From conception to birth to living up to advance age, for all the essential physiological / biological, nanosecond to seconds, day to day function of the body, cells and genes remain at work round the clock.

Some of the work they do themselves and for some they involve us, in other word cells and genes ask our permission, to make us agree to their proposal and then they accomplish the task we have agreed and ordered to them. For doing so the cells and genes or say the body is equipped with very amazing communication network system called 'Cellular communication' which has a speed faster than that of light.

Human cell communication

Through many hitherto known and unknown pathways Signaling System, cells and genes write message, send to each other and also to us only when necessary. This way they talk and understand each other's message and so they do with us.

The ability of cells in correctly writing and understanding message between cells to cells and also cells to us and their precise coordination and action in performing Neurophysiological task is integral to survival, to living disease free life in health and happiness. Any mistake in communication between cell to cells and or to us will affect the performance and can result into day to day failure, abnormalities, diseases, disabilities, and death.

Question: Question then is, "Who we are in our Body?"

Answer: We are consciousness. The decision making supreme Boss in our body, as like a prime minister or president is of a country.

To understand more clearly your relationship with your own body, you can equate the body as a country and you as the supreme Boss (Prime Minister/President).

When the prime minister/President of a country goes out of the country or on holiday, the regulatory and the defense forces living and working in the country... the management system of the country keeps working and keeps going on, exactly in the manner the cells and genes of our Body keep working when we are asleep or in a coma.


Those works which Body keep doing themselves and does not require our permission are, for example, like heart beating, breathing, controlling free radicals, PH, homeostasis, cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure balance, ordering cancer cells to suicide (Apoptosis) or killing the cancer cells, controlling and combating the invaders (bacteria, virus), ingesting (phagocytizing) harmful foreign particles and repairing and healing itself and other works.

If our decision is correct, timely, the body will perform the task optimally efficiently, and then they Reward us (we feel happy, satisfied).

But when our decision is not correct, untimely, then we may suffer instantly or later. Body Punishes us... that is... we feel sorrow and guilt.



Question: What is consciousness?

Answer: Here we are discussing consciousness, not to postulate a new theory, contradict or support the present awareness on consciousness.

We will investigate consciousness for the purpose of understanding and practicing the 24 hour Scientific Meditation for improving health, and using meditation as therapy to stave off diseases, to find the possibility of remedying the ailments, for achieving success and finally to improve quality of life.

When you wake up from your slumber and begin to feel yourself, feeling about where you are, your surroundings, and you probably hear the sound of birds chattering /singing.

This is you... the consciousness.

How consciousness work with the cells and genes (Let us quote your cells and genes collectively as 'the body')



When we get up in the morning normally we may feel to urinate. This appears to us nothing, very normal, a daily routine work, nothing noticeable. But in fact the very amazing body and consciousness communication system are at work at this moment.

The body is communicating to the consciousness.. that is you.. that your bladder is full of urine and you need to empty your bladder.
You...the consciousness, receive this message from your cells/genes, and you feel to urinate. You can control for a while or decide to go to urinate.

When you pass the information to your body about your decision to empty your bladder, only then your cells and genes work to obey your command and the bladder is relieved of urine. Now you are not feeling to urinate any more this information is given to you by your cells and genes...the body.

Another example is feeling hungry and eating.

What happens in our body that lets us feel hungry? The cells and genes notice that our body needs energy then they talk with themselves and take a decision to make us feel hungry. The cells and genes for making us crave for food, use the various cellular communication network system called (say broadly,)

A. The endocrine system for Hormonal message which are chemical signal.

B. Nervous system the electrical signal.

Through a hormone called Ghrelin... the hunger hormone, our body sends a message to us and makes us feel hungry. We decide to eat food. During eating food, when the cells and genes feel that we have eaten sufficient food, then they inform us to stop eating, by using their signaling system called Leptin ...the satiety hormone and we feel full. We stop eating food.
In the above two examples, we are involved to perform the task. We notice in the above examples that conscious or say... we are involved in a kind of meditation between we...the consciousness and to the body say...cells and genes.

Mediation can be improvised by training.

Look at this image.

Due to meditation the bodies of Both the players in the photo are trained, their cell and genes have transformed their bodies like muscle growth, endurance for performing the task of playing boxing.

However during performance the one who succeeds in hitting the opponent, is because of the accuracy in one's meditation... (Writing, understanding cells to cells message, and cells to consciousness, and the action performed by the cells based on the decision they received from the consciousness. The other who gets hit, is because of an error in his meditation.

Same is the story here in this image

Accuracy in meditation of the cricketer will enable the cricketer to hit the ball accurately. Any error in his meditation and he will miss hitting the ball and he may be bowled, or caught, out.


A 24 hour Scientific Meditation

Practicing A 24 Hour Scientific Meditation will mean to enhance the accuracy of the ability of cells and genes in coding and understanding the message between themselves and between the consciousness, finally, to perform the task of the neurophysiological activities of the body timely in a precise coordination with perfection.

Any living organism from bacteria to rat and bat, elephant and whale, human to plant...are cells. Any cell, every cell, is armed with an infinite ability to protect itself from danger and diseases and has a desire to live forever.
Some animals, like naked mole, whale, and elephant will not, or will have negligible cancer. Humans are not immune to cancer, but then why will only some human in the same condition (ecology, socio-economy, behaviour /lifestyle and others) have cancer and some will not?

Why do some animals, like rats, live about three years and their counterpart the bat will live about thirty years.
Why human lives about a hundred years or a little more, while a tortoise will live more than 4 hundred years?
Why do some animals and plants have negligible aging (or say senescence), like animal... Hydra, and plants... like bristle cone - some of which are estimated to be living for 8 to 9 thousand years and still not old, as they are shooting viable cones.


Humans have spanned space, the galaxies and have scanned the earth; but what humanity is yet to understand is the most miraculous phenomenon that is the cell... the building block that makes up the human body itself.


How to do a 24 hours scientific meditation

To communicate to your cells and genes to fight diseases, to keep you out of stress, to keep you in vigorous health, aging normally, slowly, and to keep the healing and repairing system of the body honed, to keep enabling you to take timely wise decision then as a president of your country, your first priority is to keep your regulatory forces the military, police and others of your country healthy and strong, similarly you as the boss of your body you need to do the same for your cells genes... your body.

Then the corollary is:

  1. Provide the natural food (not the supplements and junk food) to the cells and genes of your body as they have evolved to obtain its nutritional and phytochemical requirement from natural whole food.
  2. Intelligent Eating is the most important first step to do a 24 hours Scientific Mediation
  3. Regular Physical Activities....Exercise: Moderate intensity, regular, meditative, exercise which include aerobic, musculoskeletal, strength and endurance ,flexibility, balance maintaining and, slow motion exercise like Indian, Chinese and Thai yoga, with special emphasis on the exercise of throat, eyes, ears, nose, fingers, stomach, pelvic and mouth (mouth cleaning by Salt, Oil and Spices)
  4. You are two in one. You the consciousness and the cells and genes of your body... your body
  5. Keep talking and passing command to your body...the cells and genes 24 hours for an enhanced perfection in performance, when you are doing the above mentioned 1. 2. task, or doing your special or day to day activities, like walking, writing, driving, attending to natural calls, or when you are going to sleep.

The tools of Meditation are;

  1. Your strong desire and active pursuance to achieve your objective, be it your special immediate task or day to day activities or for avoidance of stress and disease, for the longevity of life and happiness.
  2. Your strong faith and believe in your cells and genes... that means... in yourself
  3. Your confidence
  4. Your persistence
  5. Your positive hope
  6. Avoidance of bad emotion like anger, revenge
  7. Forgiveness

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